Electrical Engineering *

Electrical Engineering at the College of Charleston

There is a growing need for electrical engineers who understand the complex electrical control systems used in state-of-the-art ground, air and underwater vehicles.

In addition, as self-driving vehicles move into the mainstream, and vehicle safety has improved with the advent of connected vehicles, there is an unmet national and international need for engineers who can design these systems.

With all this in mind, the College of Charleston – with input from engineers and industry leaders from companies like Boeing, Robert Bosch, Mercedes-Benz Vans, Hillrom and Sapience Automation – has created an impactful electrical engineering program.

This is the first electrical engineering program of its kind in South Carolina.

Students in the program will have a competitive advantage when they enter the job market. They’ll have the benefit of taking courses in a range of disciplines. They will be creative problem solvers who work collaboratively with people who are different from them. And, they will graduate with an electrical engineering major that has been designed to prepare them for the careers of the future.

*Pending approval by SACSCOC