Student Opportunities

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Regional businesses like Google, Cummins, Boomtown, and BMW as well private individuals have invested in scholarships for students interested in studying either Electrical Engineering or Systems Engineering at the College of Charleston. In order to be considered, simply create a generic application in our Scholarship Management System ( and indicate Systems Engineering or Electrical Engineering to be your intended/current major.  If you have any questions, please email

Internships and COOPs

Because of the connections we have with local businesses and industries, our students have access to a variety of internships and COOPs with private firms and government agencies, like Boeing, Bosch, Mercedes-Benz Vans, Volvo, Cummins, Scientific Research Corporation, the Naval Information Warfare Center - Atlantic, Google, and many others, including the Medical University of South Carolina which offers the possibility of internships related to biomechanical engineering systems. These experiences help students develop professionally and connect them with businesses that hire local talent. There is a list of area companies at


Internships can be paid or unpaid, for-credit or not-for-credit, and take place in the fall and spring semesters, and during the summer. Interns can work either locally or outside the region. Read about an Internship Spotlight in The College Today HERE.

If you plan to earn course credit for an internship, you'll have to:

  • have a written proposal approved by the director of the electrical engineering and the systems engineering programs before you enroll in the internship course (ENGR 381).
  • work 40 hours for each one credit awarded for the course. 



A COOP provides an immersive real-world work experience that makes you highly competitive for a job offer when you graduate. It is a fulltime work opportunity for a company during one or two regular semesters. During this time, you must take a "Leave of Absence" from the College of Charleston (contact the Center for Academic Performance and Persistence) since you will not be taking courses. This also delays your graduation by 1 year but should not affect your scholarships - check with the Office of Financial Aid if you have any questions. In addition to checking with the Center for Academic Performance and Persistence and the Financial Aid Office, you must receive permission from the Engineering Program Director before agreeing to a COOP with a company. The Five-year roadmaps that show how the curriculum fits around COOP experiences can be found here:

  • Systems Engineering
    • Four Year Roadmap (PDF)
    • Five Year Roadmap with COOP Experience (PDF)
  • Electrical Engineering
    • Four Year Roadmap (PDF)
    • Five Year Roadmap with COOP Experience (PDF)