Systems Engineering

Engineering at the College of Charleston

If the solution to a problem involves a number of interconnected pieces instead of just one, then it is a system.

Systems engineers are able to plug into a variety of technical roles on teams working to design, implement, and maintain complex systems of hardware and software. They take an interdisciplinary approach to problem-solving. And, they are the individuals in a company who:

  • understand the computing, electrical, mechanical, industrial, and business aspects of systems.
  • develop solutions that meet consumers and customers needs.
  • constantly monitor all stages of operations and are involved with managing projects.
  • ensure that problems have been solved.

Systems engineers take the lead. They look at the business and technical needs of the customers, and combine the disciplines and specialty groups needed to meet the needs of the end-users.

Systems engineers are in demand because they tend to be flexible, versatile and creative problem solvers. These are skills best developed in college through a strong liberal arts and sciences curriculum. It makes sense, then, that systems engineering at the College of Charleston is a natural partnership.

Value Propositions

  • Through internship and mentorship opportunities, you'll develop strong connections with local industries such as Boeing, Bosch, Mercedes-Benz Vans, Volvo.
  • You'll be able to get a job in a variety of engineering fields. Examples include mechanical, electrical, computer and industrial systems.
  • Members of our Industrial Advisory Board are local business executives. They provide guidance and expertise that help keep the program tuned in to industry needs.
  • During your sophomore year, you'll have the opportunity to study abroad at an engineering university in either Ireland or the U.K.
  • The senior design project will let you take a deeper dive into specific areas of systems engineering (mechanical, electrical, computer, industrial, simulation, for example). The course will help steer you towards your first job.
  • At the College of Charleston, the focus is on undergraduate education. You will be taught by faculty who will be invested in you and your success. They will represent a number of academic disciplines. And some will come from high-tech companies in the area. The result for you will be a personalized and exceptional educational experience with many opportunities to participate in undergraduate research with your professors.
  • There is a strong mix of hands-on laboratory and theoretical classes in the technical areas of the program.
  • Because of the interdisciplinary nature of systems engineering, and the fact that the College of Charleston has a strong liberal arts and sciences foundation, you'll find that there will be a greater diversity of ideas and perspectives represented in classes and on project teams.